MPC Series Couplings
For medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical applications


Economical media connections

Polycarbonat and polysulfon MPC couplings replace expensive glass and stainless steel fittings. The biocompatible materials meet USP Class  requirements and pass all physicochemical, cytotoxicity, leachables and extracebles testing. Using disposable MPC series quick disconnect couplings eliminates recertification and resterilisation. Laboratory procedures are simplyfied with fewer steps. GMP/GLP and FDA compliance is easier to maintain. It all adds up to cost savings.

Sterilize MPC couplings your way

Polysulfon is autoclavable to 25 cycles. Or use EtO, gamma radiation or E-beam methods.
Easy to use push-button latch reduces handling of tubing and fittings that may contaminate the fluid path. The silicone O-ring seal always makes a reliable, leak free connection.

Bioprocessing applications

  • Cell culture and reagend packaging
  • Sterile fluid
  • Bio-reactor lines
  • Transfer lines
  • Series connections
  • Delivery and recovery lines
  • Laboratory tubing connections
  • New! Now single packed, sterile!

STEDIM`s Flexboy® media bay
pigtail connections use MPC series couplings

Technical Information
Pressure:  up to 8,3 bar and vacuum
Temperature: -40 oC up to 150 oC
Material/Color: Polycarbonate, Lexan®   HPS1/    purple tint --USP Class VI
   Polysulfone, Udel®  P-1700-    MG11/amber --USP Cl. VI
Sealing:  Silicone, clear--USP Cllass VI
Rec. Tubing:  PVC, Silicone, Latex, Polyurethane
Flow:   1/4" spout, 5,3 mm
   3/8" spout, 7,4 mm




























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